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How to Ensure Solid Commitment from Volunteers

The moment you commit to become a volunteer abroad, you have already committed to dedicating your time and effort to your chosen volunteer site. But the level of commitment might vary from one person to another. To ensure much success when you volunteer in Fiji, you want to make sure that you are in the same page as with the rest of your team. Whether or not you are a leader, you need to learn how to keep everyone motivated to give it their best to the program every single day.

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Emphasize The Impact of Your Volunteer Efforts

When you are met with difficulty during your Fiji travel and volunteer program, it is easy to be defeated emotionally and psychologically. There are instances wherein you will experience major culture shock to the point that you feel nothing you ever do or contribute will make a change. You need to inspire your fellow volunteers to continue on and keep pushing with their effort by emphasizing the impact you’re making to the lives of the locals. It could be providing them with a new means of living, or making their life easier as far as living set up is concerned, every act you accomplish will have its meaningful impact in their lives.

It also pays to use motivational and positive words. Do not try to instill fear among your fellow volunteers. Instead, make them feel like their effort is going to change people’s lives for the better.

Let them Choose Their Role

No one knows your own skills and abilities better than you do. Hence, volunteer experts suggest allowing your team members to choose what their role is when volunteering in Fiji. The more comfortable they are with a certain role, the more productive they become! You should take the time to speak to every single member of your team about what they would like to do. You can then designate them that task and encourage them along the way so they become more inspired.

Solicit Their Feedback

The best team is one wherein the leader listens to the members. Hence, you should do the same when building a team to volunteer abroad. You should address questions and concerns while also soliciting feedback. People like to be heard; by allowing them to speak up, this will reinforce their commitment to the program.

Address Objections

When your team members and volunteers express their objections, pay closer attention to it. Analyze what is behind their objection. Use this as an opportunity to improve your program and how you can encourage them to commit to your project. If the objection is not honored, you need to clearly explain why and how you suggest to do things instead.

Never Make Assumptions

Establishing a program to volunteer abroad is a huge endeavor. Hence, do not assume that people who sign up to the program are willing to do the same things as you are. This is where an open communication line is important. You should never assume but always open up important matters to the members of your team.