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Top Ways to Spend a Stress-Free Holiday with Your Pets

When you have pets at home, it is often difficult to spend your holidays out of town. Either you leave them with friends or family or at boarding kennels near your area. Sometimes, pet sitters are a great help to ensure that your pets are not left alone. But when you think of pets as part of the family, it is sometimes very difficult to leave them for a long period of time. Good thing Sunshine Coast has a wide variety of pet-friendly accommodations that will allow you to spend your holidays with your furry friends. You can book at any Caloundra hotels and select a pet-friendly accommodation so you may never have to leave your pets at home again.

When you go on a holiday with your cats or dogs, there are a few things you need to keep in mind so that you will have a peaceful and stress-free ride on your way to your holiday destination.

1. Vaccinations. Before you leave for your Sunshine Coast holiday, contact your vet to ensure that your pets were given timely vaccinations. In case of an emergency, check if your holiday destination has access to veterinary clinics. Get the contact details of the nearby clinics and save them on your phone for future use. You can also call any Caloundra hotels staff if they have an in-house veterinarian for your convenience. They might even refer you to a trusted vet clinic for your furry friends.

2. Select Your Mode of Transport. Your mode of transportation will determine how you will prepare your pets for travel. If you plan to travel in a camper van, make sure to have a crate ready to provide your pets with a sense of security especially if they are traveling for the first time. If you don’t have room for a crate, try using any pet harness options for car travel or a back seat partition to prevent your pets from frequently moving around the car. Don’t forget travel essentials like food and water to keep them hydrated.

3. Keep your dogs active. Being in a new environment can be a bit stressful for pets like dogs. Keeping your dogs active during the day will help give you a good night’s rest. Although they cannot appreciate all your itinerary, you can still find ways on how they can burn their energy during the day.

4. Opt for a pet-friendly accommodation. When you go on a holiday in Sunshine Coast, make sure that your accommodation is indeed pet-friendly. There are Caloundra hotels from Henzells that offer pet friendly accommodation Sunshine Coast has for pet lovers that still charge extra for your pets. This is not really as pet-friendly as they would claim. Make sure you have done your part when choosing a dog friendly accommodation Sunshine Coast wide so you will know what to expect when you get there.

The above are just a few ways you can have a stress-free Sunshine Coast holiday with your pets. For you to experience the best that Sunshine Coast has to offer, talk to any holiday rental specialists to help you with your itinerary once you and your pets are settled in. You can also check to find out about other pet-friendly hotel accommodation in Sunshine Coast.