Unique Uses For School Buses

School buses have one role, and that’s to transport students back and forth between their homes and school. However, school buses can be used for other things, and people have found unique ways to make use of them. In fact, the school bus hire Brisbane market is thriving with people hoping to use school buses for their unique event and function. Below are just some of the many unique ways to use school buses.

School Bus Hire Brisbane

Educational Trips and Tours

Although this doesn’t qualify as truly unique, it is a break from the usual school to home route that school buses take. As part of the curriculum, students are allowed some time off from school to see education hotspots in Brisbane, such as museums and government offices. Most School Bus Hire in Brisbane are used for this purpose. Sometimes, the school uses their own buses, while at other times they require the assistance of hired school buses if the attendees outnumber their current bus fleet.


Believe it or not, some soon-to-be married couples forego the fancy limo and opt for school buses instead. Not everyone fancies the limo route; it is a bit weird that the newly wed couple drives off in a limo while the other guests have to make do with what transportation they can get to go to the reception venue. Brisbane School Bus Hire is best for informal weddings, like civil ones, or even Boho-inspired ones, where brides prefer cooler, short and sweet wedding dresses to full blown gowns with long trails.

By hiring a school bus to transport your entire entourage and then some to the reception venue, you can start the celebration right there on the bus. The bride and groom get to mingle, have fun, and converse with friends, which is what some couples prefer more.

Party Buses

Instead of booking a popular venue for your next birthday party, why not rent a school bus instead? According to Brisbane school bus hire providers, they are getting more and more requests from birthday celebrants, who want to turn their bus into a party area for a day or a night. School buses are spacious enough to make this happen – lots of seating for guests, and the middle aisle can be used as a dance floor.

The best part about party buses is the mobility. Need liquor? Why not bring the party bus to the nearest liquor store? If you feel like eating pizza, and then start to crave for some ice cream and cake afterwards, you can just drive the bus to your desired location.

Charity Drives

Non-profit organizations often seek School Bus Hire Brisbane operators for their charity drives. Oftentimes, the buses are turned into makeshift food trucks where food is stored and handed out to the homeless. It can also be used to store boxes of clothes and other essentials for outreach programs. School buses are the transportation of choice by charity foundations because it does the job well for a practical price.

School buses are spacious, can accommodate a lot of passengers, and are extremely durable. This is why school buses are extremely useful in many situations, not just for transporting students back and forth. So the next time you have a major event for whatever purpose, instead of renting a limo or a van, you can find School Bus Hire Brisbane operators in your area. Not only do buses do the job well, they’re also practical for people who are on a budget. Book us now for cheap the cheapest bus hire in town, visit